ThermaPak PHE/Vessel Packages


GMS ThermaPak
  • Compact
  • Flexible
  • Low Maintenance
  • Semi-Instantaneous Domestic Hot Water
  • Extra Water for Peak Periods, Reducing Need for Extra Boiler Power

ThermaPak packages provide all the instantaneous hot water you require standard using a ThermaFlow package and has an additional supply of water using a buffer vessel. The buffer vessel is ‘charged’ during period of low demand and used when peak flow is required. The buffer vessels are sized depending on the application and type of building they are being installed in.

  1. Fully Functional Electrical Control Panel

  2. Secondary Buffer Vessel

  3. Thermaflex 'G' Plate Heat Exchanger

  4. 2/3/4 Port Control Valve & Actuator

  5. Primary Shunt Pump

  6. Secondary Shunt Pump

  7. High Limit Thermostat

  8. Control Sensor

  9. Isolating Valves

Various combinations of secondary buffer vessel and plate heat exchangers are used to achieve the output required. There is a combination for every situation. GMS also manufacture ThermaPak Packages consisting of two plate heat exchangers or two secondary buffer vessels. Please contact our sales office for more information or a quotation.

System Considerations

Secondary return flow rate should not exceed 50% of design DHW hourly flowrate, assuming a secondary return temperature drop of 5 DegC or less. If secondary pipework heat losses are too high to meet these criteria, please ask us to quote for a higher unit output to ensure adequate performance in service.


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