Project List

GMS Thermal Products Ltd. have provided and continue to provide goods, services and installations nationally and internationally. The list below shows a selection of projects that GMS have participated in. If you wish to further dicuss any of our installations please do not hesitate to contact us.

                 Houses of Parliament - GMS ProjectRoyal College of Music, London - GMS ProjectBurj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai - GMS ProjectHeathrow Airport, Terminal 5 - GMS ProjectRoyal Holloway University, London - GMS Project

Hotels Location Products Supplied
Bristol Hotel, Gibraltar Gibraltar 2 x 1000 Litre Copper Storage Calorifiers
Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai, UAE Copper-Lined Storage Calorifiers
Emirates Palace Hotel Abu Dhabi, UAE 2 x 1900 Litre Copper-Lined Electric Storage Calorifiers
Hampton by Hilton York, UK 3 x 4000 Litre Stainless Steel Storage Calorifiers
Hilton Garden Inn, Astana Kazakhstan Electric Flow Heaters & Galvanised Storage Calorifiers & On-Site Installation
Hilton Hotel, Malta Malta 4 x 4000 Litre Versacals
Palm Tree Court Jebel Ali, Dubai  4 x 2000 Litre Copper-Lined Electric Storage Calorifiers
Plaza Hotel, Malta Malta 5 x 1750 Litre Galvanised Mild Steel Storage Calorifiers
Sheraton Abuja Hotel Nigeria 3 x Thermax
Splash Landings, Alton Towers Alton, UK 3 x 1000 Litre Copper Buffer Vessel
St. Regis Resort Dubai, UAE 11,556 Litre Copper Lined Storage Calorifier
Hospitals Location Products Supplied
Chesterfield Hospital Chesterfield, UK 2 Plantpacs & 2000 Litre Copper Indirect Cylinders
Fife Acute Hospital Fife, Scotland 8 x Thermaflow Packaged Units
Hamad Medical City Qatar 9 x Various Sized Stainless Steel Direct Cylinders
James Cook Hospital Middlesborough, UK 2 x TF120 & TF60 - Thermaflow Packages
Kingston Hospital  London, UK 4 x Steam heated Plantpacs
KSU Cardiac Centre Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 2 x 10,000 litre Copper-Lined Storage Calorfiers
Pysiotherapy Hospital Kuwait 2 x 4550 Litre Copper-Lined Storage Calorifiers
Leisure Facilities Location Products Supplied
Bank of England, Sports Centre Richmond, UK TF530, TF320 & TF175 Thermaflow Packages
Eltham Baths London, UK 9000 Litre Mild Steel Buffer Vessel
Luton Aquatic Centre London, UK 2 x TF365/2000 - Thermapac
Marina Mall, Dubai Dubai, UAE 6 x 3000 Litre and 2 x 2000 Litre Copper-Lined Storage Calorifiers & U-Tube Batteries
National Museum London, UK 2 x TF1150 - Thermaflow Packages
Olympic Hospitality Centre London, UK TF1000/1500(X) - Thermapac
Sandford Springs Golf Club Hampshire, UK 2000 Litre Stainless Steel Indirect Storage Cylinder
The Trafford Centre Manchester, UK TF120(X) Thermaflow Package
Wembley Football Stadium London, UK 4 x 6000 Litre Mild Steel Buffer Vessels
Nutford House, University Acc. London, UK 6 x Thermaflow Packages
Universities & Schools Location Products Supplied
Denton Academy Manchester, UK 2 x 3292 Litre Copper-Lined & 1260 Litre Copper Storage Calorifier
Ebbw Vale Learning Centre Blaenau Gwent, UK Boiler Skid Packages
London School of Economics London, UK 2 x 1500 Litre Copper-Lined Storage Calorifiers & 900 Litre Copper Buffer Vessel
My Place, Youth Centre Belfast, UK Thermax 1
Oxford University Oxford, UK 2 x Ultraflow Units and 285 Litre Mild Steel Buffer Vessel
Royal College of Music London, UK 1200 Litre Copper Indirect Cylinder
Sarum Academy Salisbury, UK 3 x Various sized Copper Storage Calorifiers
St. Telios School Cardfiff, UK TF140(2)/2000 - Thermapac
University of Liverpool Merseyside, UK 2 x Thermaflow Packages and 8 x 500 Litre Copper Indirect Cyliners
Airports Location Products Supplied
Dublin Airport Dublin, Ireland 2 x 2500 Litre & 1x 1400 Litre Stainless Steel Storage Calorifiers
Gatwick Airport London, UK 2 x Blowdown Vessels & 2000 Litre Mild Steel Buffer Vessel
Heathrow Airport London, UK 1500 Litre Mild Steel Buffer Vessel
Others Location Products Supplied
Hilla Slaughterhouse UK 4000 Litre Copper-Lined Cylinder & 1600 Litre Stainless Steel Cylinder
Kingstroop Royal Horse Artillary London, UK 6000 Litre Mild Steel Buffer Vessel
Lancaster Gate, Westminster London, UK 2 x 800 Litre Galvanised Mild Steel Buffer Vessels
Morrisons Store, Peterborough Peterborough, UK 600 Litre Versasol
Palace of Westminster London, UK 2 x Plantpacs
Qatar Armed Forces Qatar 2 x 1000 Litre Copper-Lined Storage Calorifiers
Rolls Royce Birmingham, UK Condensate Pumpset & 6 Plantpacs
Sainsburys Store, Bicester Oxfordshire, UK 650 Litre Copper Storage Calorifier
Wandsworth Police Station London, UK 800 Litre Mild Steel Buffer Vessel
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