ThermaFlow 'E' Plate Heat Exchanger Packages


The Thermaflow 'E' range is the latest generation of GMS's highly successful plate heat exchanger packages. The main application of the Thermaflow 'E' is the instantaneous generation of Domestic Hot Water (DHW) using Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW), with or without a secondary Buffer Tank.

At the heart of the package is the highly effective Thermaflex gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger. Primary water is driven through the heat exchanger by the primary pump. The pump is glandless for low maintenance and powered by the latest high efficiency motors. The motors automatically modulate speed to match the demand, therefore saving energy due to this improved control. For example if there is no demand, the control valve is closed and the pump motors stop completely.

Each primary pump is EUP compliant and A rated for its energy consumption, therefore meeting the requirements of UK Building Regulations as well as the new EUP legislation.

GMS are committed to reducing the impact on the environment of our products and the Thermaflow 'E' range embodies this commitment.


GMS ThermaFlow


  1. Control Panel - supplied complete with volt free contacts for own use and has power lights indicating a pump trip
  2. Primary Circulating Pump - single or twin headed to suit requirements. It modulates pump speed dependant on demand
  3. Control & High Limit Thermostats
  4. Heat Exchanger and Hanging Rails - hanging rails make maintenance simple
  5. Control Valve - supplied complete with electrical actuator as standard (other options available on request)
  6. Base - compact, galvanised steel base complete with fixing points

The Standard Range

The Thermaflow 'E' standard range caters from duties of 35kW to 1400kW and flowrates of 0.17 Litres/Second to 5.74 Litres/Second.

The Thermaflow 'E' is specifically designed to heat secondary water from 10°C to 60°C using primary water at 82°C.

For more information regarding the standard range of Thermaflow 'E' plate heat exchanger packages please consult our Thermaflow 'E' data book.

GMS also offer a storage option to all of our plate heat exchanger packages. The heat exchanger and components listed above are provided with a storage cylinder and unvented kit all supplied on a compact steel base, known as a Thermapac.

Our experienced sales department have been giving advice on the sizing and selection of plate heat exchanger packages for over twenty years, please contact them if you require any additional information or a quotation if your requirements are not covered by our standard range.

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