Direct Storage Cylinders

Design & Manufaturing Standards

GMS Direct Cylinder
  • BS853: For customers who require a calorifier constructed to an internationally recognised standard. GMS Thermal Products will produce calorifiers to BS853 if required. There is scope within BS853 for 3rd party verification of design and construction. This adds to cost and delivery time, but can be arranged if required.
  • PD5500: For very high working pressures GMS Thermal Products can design and build calorifiers to BS5500. However BS853 now includes higher pressures so it is not often necessary to resort to BS5500.
  • Other Standards: GMS Thermal Products will consider production of calorifiers to other standards. Please contact us with details.

All equipment supplied by GMS thermal Products complyiesfully with the European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU and are CE marked where necessary.

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