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From 26/09/2015 the European Eco-Design Directive applies to all Hot Water Storage Vessels up to 2000 Litres sold within the European Economic Area. Additionally, the European Energy Labelling Directive applies to all Hot Water Storage Vessels up to 500 L sold within the European Economic Area. To ensure that a vessel meets the legal requirements of these directive we strongly recommend that all GMS Hot Water Storage Vessels that fall within the scope of the directives are bought in their complete form (i.e. with our factory fitted insulation).


GMS will supply uninsulated vessels if requested, in this case it is the responsibility of the installer to "complete" the vessel by insulating it and ensuring that the requirements of the relevant European Eco-Design and Energy Labelling Directives are met.


For vessels above 2000 L and sold outside of the EU, the Directives do not apply therefore can be supplied with/without insulation.

  • GMS Standard Insulation - Consisting of 75mm thick fibreglass mattresses, secured to shell and enclosed in stucco aluminium sheet (self colour)
  • GMS Standard Insulation Optional Extras
    • Insulation to be fitted with toggle clips for removal and re-fitting at site by others
    • Insulation to be vapour-sealed using a silicone sealant to prevent ingress of water etc.
  • GMS can also provide alternative insulation types including;
    • Semi-rigid foam insulation
    • Stainless Steel enclosing material
    • Alu-Zinc enclosing material

Please contact our sales department on 01457 835 700 for more information on our insulation options.


For information regarding the standing heat loss of standard vessels please refer to our Standard Heat Loss Chart, for information on non-standard vessels and non-standard insulation options contact our technical department on  01457 835 700.


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