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GMS Storage Calorifier

The GMS range of storage calorifiers offers an ideal solution when domestic hot water is required in volume.  Water is heated indirectly by a primary medium (via an internal u-tube battery) and stored in the calorifier. Alternatively, electric immersion heaters offer a clean and efficient primary heat source.

A GMS storage calorifier has an internal U-tube battery manufactured from materials to suit the shell & application. The battery consists of heat exchange tubes, expanded into the tubeplate. The standard type of tube used is 'low-fin integron copper'. This is a copper tube with fins on the outer wall which increases the surface area of the tube.

U-tube batteries are specified more on larger calorifiers as they can be removed for inspection and cleaning and they can also work at higher temperatures and pressures than coils found on indirect cylinders.

Factors affecting the choice of storage calorifiers are:-

  • Cost: Storage calorifiers are often the most economical water heating solution
  • Low Primary Power Requirement: The stored hot water meets high peak demands with relatively low primary power, keeping the primary supply capital costs lower than in instantaneous or semi-storage systems
  • Economical Temperature Control: Simple on/off temperature control is often all that is required
  • Reliability: Storage calorifiers are robust and uncomplicated, giving excellent reliability and availability
  • Space: An instantaneous water heater may be more compact than a storage calorifier, but requires a larger primary heat source, negating some of the space saving.
  • Heat Loss: Correct insulation of the calorifier results in low heat loss. Compared to instantaneous heaters the low, steady primary heat requirement reduces inefficient boiler cycling. Primary pipework is smaller and loses less heat

GMS manufacture calorifiers using the following standard materials:

  • Solid Copper
  • Copper-Lined Steel
  • Galvanised Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Glass/Polymer Lined Steel

Should you require more information on our range of storage calorifiers please contact us.

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