ThermaFlow Plate Heat Exchanger Packages


GMS ThermaFlow
  • Compact
  • Flexible
  • Low maintenance
  • Instantaneous domestic hot water

ThermaFlow packaged plate heat exchangers provide temperature controlled, instantaneous domestic hot water (DHW). Complete with plate heat exchanger, control panel, temperature control valve and primary pump, each ThermaFlow unit needs only to be connected to suitable supplies of electricity, primary hot water (eg a central heating boiler) and the domestic water system to provide all the instantaneous hot water you require.

On most systems the existing central heating boiler(s) will be able to meet the demand imposed by the ThermaFlow unit. If DHW demand is temporarily higher than the available boiler power then a ThermaFlow unit, combined with a small storage vessel to form a ThermaPak semi-instantaneous unit, can provide the ideal solution. Our experienced sales and technical team can advise on the applicability of either system.

Heat Exchanger

Each ThermaFlow unit has a 'ThermaFlex-G' gasketed plate heat exchanger. Plates and DHW connections are AISI 316 stainless steel, gaskets are NBR. Each heat exchanger is designed and built for the duty specified. The heat exchanger plates cause high levels of turbulence and heat transfer, minimising scaling. The heat exchanger is easily dismantled and re-assembled for maintenance and, if demand increases at a later date, more plates can be added to increase the output.


A built-in pump takes primary water to/from the system "low-loss" header and circulates it around the plate heat exchanger. This pump should not be used as the main boiler circulation pump. Duplex primary pumps are available as an option. (If the unit is to be connected to a primary system which generates a differential pressure higher than 10 kPa across the connections this should be reduced to 10 kPa or less - eg by using close-coupled primary connections.


The standard IP55 rated control panel incorporates a digital temperature display and modulating controller, pump contactor(s) and overload(s), power on, pump run, pump trip and high temperature lights, high temperature cut-out (manual reset), Hi Temp. & Pump Trip volt-free contacts, relay for switching unit on/off remotely, Local/Remote/Stand-by selector switch, door interlock isolator and optional 0-10Vd.c. remote temperature indication signal. ThermaFlow units re-start automatically when power is restored after a power cut. For the duplex primary pump option the panel also provides:-

  • Pump 1 / Pump 2 / Auto selector switch.
  • Auto-change-over on pump trip and with each remote start-up (when 'Auto' selected).

A modulating 4-port control valve regulates the primary heat input. Secondary water outlet temperature is measured accurately by thermocouple. An independent 'High Limit' thermostat protects against high temperature fault conditions by shutting down the primary pump and closing the 4 port valve.

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