Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers


GMS PHEA typical brazed heat exchanger consists of a plate pack fitted between front and rear coverplates. Standard units have a maximum working pressure of up to 31 BarG at a temperature of 185°C.

With a maximum flowrate of up to 200 m3/Hour, most duties will be covered. The majority of our brazed heat exchangers are a stock item. The standard unit is manufactured from stainless steel grade AISI 316 and is brazed with pure copper. Although these units are classed as standard, there is a large range of units with different connection sizes and orientations etc, which ensures we can supply a unit for your requirements.

Benefits of Brazed Heat Exchangers:

  • Extemely compact
  • Maximum material efficiency as all the exchanger plate material is effective
  • System costs are reduced with a better heat transfer coefficient
  • Higher working pressures than gasketed plate heat exchangers and shell & tube exchangers
  • Self cleaning
Brazed Heat Exchanger Assembly


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