PlantPac Steam PHE Packages


GMS Plantpac provides instantaneous DHW using primary steam
  • Instantaneous LTHW/DHW using primary steam
  • Acute microprocessor temperature control
  • Independent high temperature cut-out with manual reset
  • Full function control panel with remote start interlockand volt-free contact
  • Fully packaged and skid mounted, ready for connection to system

GMS PlantPac units are fully packaged to simplify system design and installation. The standard range gives outputs up to 1225kW, with special units available for higher outputs. All necessary temperature control, steam and condensate handling components are built in. Site work is reduced to positioning, connecting up and commissioning.

Heat Exchanger

Each Plantpac unit has a 'ThermaFlex-G' gasketed plate heat exchanger composed of AISI 316 stainless steel and NBR gaskets. Each heat exchanger is designed and built for the duty specified. Robust, compact and easily dismantled (without disturbing pipe-work) for inspection, cleaning and, if demand increases at a later date, more plates can be added to increase the output of the unit.

Steam Conditioning

A steam separator and strainers protect components in the steam and condensate lines from liquid or dirt carried in from the steam main. If steam temperature is above 150°C (3.8 BarG) a pressure reducing valve and steam safety valve will be included to protect the heat exchanger.

Temperature Control

A digital controller monitors and displays water temperature and operates the control valve, giving accurate temperature control at all outputs.

Safety Features

Fail-safe, independent high temperature cut-out valve with manual re-set thermostat and volt-free contact for external alarm. This valve also closes if power (and/or compressed air where applicable) fails. After these are restored the unit re-sets automatically to normal operation.

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