Versatherm Packages


The standard Versatherm Package consists of;

GMS Versatherm
  • Storage Vessel
  • Compact Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger
  • Loading Pump
  • Pipework (including Isolation Valves)
  • Mild Steel Skeletal Base

The compact heat exchanger takes heat from an existing boiler, heats the domestic hot water and sends this at usable temperature to the top of the vessel. Hot water is available almost immediately – even from a cold start or after heavy usage. High demands are met by the stored water plus hot water from the heat exchanger. This minimises storage volume for a given duty. During low demands the vessel contents are heated up again by the heat exchanger. Spreading the primary heat demand in this way also minimises boiler power requirement.

Design Details
  • Primary Temperatures:  82/46˚C

  • Secondary Temperatures:  10/65˚C

  • Maximum Working Pressure:  5.00 BarG

  • Design Pressure:  6.00 BarG

  • Test Pressure:  8.60 BarG

Package is designed to PED 2014/68/EU - Category - SEP


System Considerations

Secondary return flow rate should not exceed 50% of design DHW hourly flowrate, assuming a secondary return temperature drop of 5 DegC or less. If secondary pipework heat losses are too high to meet these criteria, please ask us to quote for a higher unit output to ensure adequate performance in service.


For more information on our standard range, please download our data book.


Alternatively you can contact us directly to discuss the range or if you require a quotation for a versatherm outside of the range.


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